Thoughts of Heaven…

Thoughts of Heaven…

There are lots of questions people wants answers to with regards to heaven, hell, eternal life, eternal death, what is Heaven like? Are we going to know each other in Heaven? What will be our relationships if we know each other? How are we going to relate to each other in Heaven? Will we eat together and fellowship together? What are we going to be doing in heaven? Are we going to retain our ethnic identities? #Keystokeepingeternityinmind

Lots and lots of questions…

We shall let the scriptures (the Bible) speak for itself

Will we know each other in Heaven? The answer is, “YES”. We will know each other in Heaven. In Matt. 8:11,” And I said to you that many will come from East and West, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven”

Please note Abraham was the father of Isaac and the grandfather of Jacob, and in heaven he enjoys the company of his son and his grandson

What about Jesus and His 11 disciplines who share the last supper with Jesus in Matt. 26:29…these Eleven disciplines will also eat and drink with Jesus in Heaven. They will recognize each other and we shall get ro meet them in person when the right time comes.

Hope you are ready when He comes…nothing is worst than not able to make it to Heaven – this is our best option for our eternal home – Heaven. Please understand that hell is not an option for us believers in Christ. Let’s strive to make it Home by living a life that pleases Christ daily.

The Lord is your strength.

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